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More than 50% of artists struggle with their sound. Offer them a solution on your platform with our industry-grade mastering API.

Starting at only $1.50 per master. Previews are free.

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Integrate in 3 Steps

Our REST API lets you integrate in minutes.

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Contact us for API credentials.

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2. Integrate

Integrate our mastering API into your platform.

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3. Launch

Start reselling and earning from your users.

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Unleash Growth

After months of work, artists want to mazimize the chances of success for their release. Use the Masterchannel API to offer them a mastering solution on your own terms.

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Custom User Interface

Integrate Masterchannel any way you like, e.g. as a single button, a player, or a dedicated page.

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Flexible Pricing

Offer mastering at a price point that makes sense for your business.

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Infinite Scaling

Don't worry about server loads or usage quotas, we can handle it.

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First-Hand Tech Support

Talk directly to our in-house developers for technical assistance.

Why Masterchannel?

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No Technical Headaches

Masterchannel requires zero know-how about audio, and zero parameters or profiles. You upload a file, and you get it back in master quality. That's it.

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Trusted by the Elite

Masterchannel serves prominent customers, from Eurovision Song Contestants, to multi-platinum certified producers, to GRAMMY Award winners.

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Best User Experience

With the click of a button, you can offer your users best-in-class mastering with no additional steps. They will love it.

What Our Users Say

"Masterchannel is an essential part of my day-to-day workflow. It is a huge time saver, and the quality of the masters is exceptional."

Songwriter & Producer JT Roach

JT Roach

Songwriter for Tiësto, OneRepublic, Carrie Underwood

"Finally tried it out, it is insane. The results greatly surpassed my imagination and the tool is a breeze to use."

Artist & Producer Shaun Reynolds

Shaun Reynolds

Producer for Emma Heesters, Black Prez

"If producers or artists want to take the next step without spending hundreds of dollars, this is the tool for them."

Artist & Producer Matoma


Multi-Platinum Producer for Jennifer Lopez, Dua Lipa

"Such a fine AI, it gets my tracks release-ready in no time. The process is super simple, and the outcome is fantastic."

Artist & Producer rayn


Lilly Era A&R & Producer

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